New GitHub CLI is Now in Beta


February 13th, 2020

New GitHub CLI is Now in Beta

In case you missed it, GitHub is introducing a more seamless way to work with GitHub from the command line with GitHub CLI:

We’re introducing an easier and more seamless way to work with GitHub from the command line— GitHub CLI , now in beta. Millions of developers rely on GitHub to make building software more fun and collaborative, and gh brings the GitHub experience right to your terminal.

You can install GitHub CLI today on macOS, Windows, and Linux , and there’s more to come as we iterate on your feedback from the beta.

Here are some of the highlight features:

  • Filter issue lists by label
  • Quickly view issue details
  • Create a pull request
  • View the status of your pull request
  • Check out pull requests from contributors

What About Hub?

What is the difference between gh and GitHub’s unofficial CLI tool hub? I found a comparison to hub section in the GitHub CLI readme which outlines the difference:

For many years, hub was the unofficial GitHub CLI tool. gh is a new project for us to explore what an official GitHub CLI tool can look like with a fundamentally different design. While both tools bring GitHub to the terminal, hub behaves as a proxy to git and gh is a standalone tool.

So it seems that gh is the official CLI tool from GitHub, while hub is unofficial. I could not find any information about whether hub will continue to see updates, but it seems clear that gh will be the preferred CLI experience going forward.

Learn More

To learn more, check out the GitHub CLI landing page, the manual, and the source code.

For more information related to the beta, read the official announcement from GitHub: Supercharge your command line experience: GitHub CLI is now in beta.

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