New Laracasts and a new Laravel Nova Mastery Course


November 12th, 2018

New Laracasts and a new Laravel Nova Mastery Course

Last week Jeffrey Way and Laracasts designer @tudssss launched a new Laracasts design that they’ve been working on for the good part of this year. The design looks phenomenal!

Laracasts also launched a team plan for multiple developers, making easier to sign your team up for Laracasts under one master account that allows you to manage your team.

Along with the new look, Laracasts launched a new Laravel Nova Mastery series recorded by Marcel Pociot. Nova Mastery is a free course covering Laravel Nova, which is a premium admin panel by the creators of Laravel. The series consists of 15 episodes totaling over two hours of content.

Check out the new Laracasts and Laracasts: Laravel Nova Mastery today! Congratulations to Jeffery Way and Tuds on the fantastic new version of Laracasts; and thank you for the continued support of the Laravel community with tons of free content like Laravel 5.7 From Scratch!

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