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January 20th, 2016


LaraJobs is the premier job board for Laravel developers and is a partner here on Laravel News. Over the past few weeks, a lot of work has put into the site and several new features have now been rolled out.

For developers looking for a new job new features include:

Previously, remote jobs were just listed as remote. We’ve now broken that out so that jobs can be Local, Remote (US), or Remote (Anywhere).
Many US companies have a hard time hiring outside the US, so in those cases they’re now able to provide that distinction. If you’re in the US and want to stay here but work remotely those jobs are clear, same with if you’re outside the US and want to know if a position is available anywhere in the world.

It’s now easy to filter open jobs by the locations listed above. Right on the home screen next to the search box you can filter down to Local, Remote (US), or Remote (Anywhere) jobs.

For companies looking to hire a new yearly unlimited plan is available for $999, which allows you to place an unlimited number of jobs throughout the year. Another benefit is companies under this plan will have all their listings featured at Laracon US, both on the big screen between talks and from the LaraJobs sponsor booth.

For more information on all the new features see LaraJobs Updates post and if you are looking for Laravel talent place a job listing today.

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