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The search engine DuckDuckGo has a community project named DuckDuckHack which allows developers to improve the search engine with “Instant Answers”.

Instant Answers help you find what you’re looking for in few or zero clicks. They’re placed above ads and regular search results, and they’re created/maintained by you (the community). Some Instant Answers are built from pure code and others require external sources (API requests), databases, or key-value stores. The possibilities are endless but the point is to provide a perfect result for every search.

Somasundaram Ayyappan has created an instant answer system that allows you to quickly search for Composer Packages. To utilize this feature all you have to do is visit DuckDuckGo and start your search query with “packagist” and then the type of package you are looking for. For example here is a search for Laravel.

From the left navigation of the projects page you can see the source code and also use it as a learning tool to create your own instant answer package.

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