All Green

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Have you ever felt that it takes a bit too much time to finish running all your automated tests? Need to deploy something urgently but can't? Want to know if your last update broke anything but need to wait 15+ minutes that, honestly, feel like forever?

How did tests go? All Green!

Welcome a new tool – All Green. We can run your whole Laravel test suite in seconds instead of minutes so that you and your team can stay productive.

We will run your tests on many server instances in parallel using fine-tuned optimized PHPUnit/Pest containers that take less time to boot and run tests. Push to a Git branch and get feedback ("All Green" or "oh, something failed") almost instantly.

More features


Get better visibility on your failed tests – jump instantly to the code fragment that failed, see corresponding Exception and Log entries, and more.

Web access to any branch

Need to quickly deploy a specific branch so that you can test something, perhaps with your colleagues? Do a quick QA? That's easy with All Green – a password-protected URL can take you to any branch of your Laravel app. It's like having infinite staging websites, on demand!