Backpack for Laravel

Backpack for Laravel image

Backpack is the most popular admin panel for Bootstrap + Laravel + VanillaJS/jQuery developers. It empowers teams to quickly design and build admin panels for Eloquent models, then customize every little detail.

Among the FREE features of each admin interface:

  • List operation
    • 24 column types
    • 1-1, 1-n and n-n relationships
    • table view with search, pagination
    • click column header to sort by it
    • custom buttons
    • details row
    • easily create new column types
    • easily override an existing column type
  • Create / Update operations
    • 29 field types
    • back-end validation using Laravel Form Requests
    • translatable models (multi-language)
    • have multiple fields per line
    • split fields into tabs
  • Delete operation
  • Reorder operation
  • Revise operation (aka. audit log)

But professionals don't love Backpack just because it's feature-packed. They also love it because it's ridiculously easy to override a functionality. Generally, you just need to create a function (or blade file) with the right name. Yes, it can be that easy.

Need more complex features? Purchase Backpack PRO, the feature-packed paid add-on. It will add 5 more operations, 10 filters, 28 more fields, 6 more columns and 1 more widget. For more info, see the FREE vs PRO comparison table. It's everything you need to build admin panels of any complexity.