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Hire a Laravel Development Agency

Curotec is not just another Laravel-focused agency; as an official partner of Laravel, we're a collective of seasoned developers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what Laravel can achieve on a project, support retainer, or staff augmentation delivery model.

We also build with front-end technologies and are an official Nuxt Agency partner, official Vue.js development partner, and an official WordPress VIP agency partner.

Laravel Development Services

1. Custom Laravel development: Off-the-shelf solutions often fail to tap into Laravel’s full potential. At Curotec, we specialize in architecting custom Laravel applications that harness the full power of the framework, ensuring optimal performance and clean code.

2. Laravel API Services: Interoperability is key in today’s mesh of applications and platforms. We're proficient in crafting robust APIs with Laravel, ensuring seamless integration with other systems or serving mobile applications.

3. Laravel E-commerce: Leveraging features like Laravel Cashier, we engineer e-commerce platforms that aren’t just transactional hubs but optimized, scalable solutions for complex online retail requirements.

4. Laravel Package Selection: Out-of-the-box doesn't mean limiting. Our team dives deep into Laravel's package capabilities, creating custom functionalities that enhance your application's potential.

5. Laravel Migration & Framework Upgrades: Staying updated with the latest in Laravel can be daunting. We simplify migrations from older Laravel versions or even other frameworks, ensuring the transition is smooth, and you're always leveraging the latest in Laravel’s offerings.

6. Cloud Infrastructure for Laravel: Modern applications demand modern infrastructure. We're adept at seamlessly integrating Laravel applications with leading cloud platforms, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and redundancy.

7. Performance Tuning for Laravel Applications: Speed and responsiveness are critical for user experience. We meticulously profile and optimize your Laravel applications, identifying and rectifying bottlenecks for peak performance.

8. Continuous Maintenance & Support: A Laravel application's lifecycle extends beyond its launch. With regular updates, security patches, and potential feature rollouts, our maintenance suite ensures your application stays robust and relevant.

9. Laravel Staff Augmentation: If you’re not looking to outsource your project completely, but need extra Laravel developers to join your team, you can hire Curotec developers on a staff augmentation basis.

Why Outsource Laravel Engineering to Curotec

Laravel focused: We have a high degree of focus and specialization in the Laravel framework so you know you’re getting top experts for your tech stack.

Developer-First Mindset: We're a developer first culture, and we understand the nuances and intricacies of crafting applications in Laravel.

Transparent Communication: Clear, technical dialogue is paramount. With us, you'll always be in the loop, understanding every decision and process.

Efficiency and Best Practices: Adhering to industry best practices, we ensure code maintainability, scalability, and performance.

Security Focus: Leveraging Laravel's security provisions, we ensure your application stands resilient against vulnerabilities and threats.

Get your Laravel project started

For the companies out there eyeing Laravel for your next project, or seeking a deep dive into its capabilities, Curotec is the partner you’ve been seeking. Let’s code, optimize, and innovate together!

We’re a team of business and technology problem solvers, and we recognize that people are at the core of everything we do. Technology happens to be the medium in which we work. Curotec was founded in 2010, and we chose Laravel as our default framework in 2014.

Whether you need a firm to build your idea, support an existing Laravel codebase, or augment your engineering team, we’ve got you covered. Our experience extends from ground-up development using the Laravel framework to side-by-side collaborations that make in-house teams more productive with Laravel. Our team is equipped to take your ideas from concept to launch, pairing the powerful Laravel framework with complementary technologies and deep software planning and design experience to transform your vision into reality.

Our services include:

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Laravel Founder Taylor Otwell speaks with Curotec CEO Brian Dainis

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