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Finding great engineers is an expensive and time-consuming process. Even if you've got it down to a fine art, it can still be a huge distraction from the thing you want to be doing: adding real value for your customers.

Enter Laradir, the biggest directory of Laravel developers. It exists to bring more of the awesome developers in this fantastic community to the surface and showcase the amazing talent that's available.

Conventional job boards and hiring platforms might get you hundreds of misaligned applications that you still need to sift through; Laradir lets you skip straight to your shortlist of top engineers.

How does it work?

Laradir is a reverse job board for Laravel developers. Instead of posting jobs and waiting for applicants, you reach out to devs directly... just the right devs.

  1. Developers complete their profile (free).
  2. Teams sign up for an account (free).
  3. Laradir pre-qualifies both to ensure they're a good fit for the platform.
  4. Use the search to find the perfect devs, and unlock profiles.
  5. With a paid Teams subscription, use our advanced search and filters, unlock unlimited profiles, and message as many as you like!

Once you've unlocked a developer's profile, it will be unlocked forever for your account.

For Devs

Sign up for a free account and create your profile today. You could start getting contacted by other devs and awesome Laravel teams within hours!

For Teams

Reach out to devs directly and authentically, it's the best way to bring in top talent. Laradir makes it a cinch to find great devs and get in touch with them. Most respond within a few hours!

Whether you're looking for freelancers, contractors or part-/full-time employees, Laradir has you covered.