Oh Dear

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Oh Dear is the best all-in-one monitoring tool for your entire website. You can try it out for free using the 10-day trial.

If you run a website and your website is down, you know what would-be visitors do: they close the tab and move on to the next site. When’s the last time you waited more than a few seconds for a site to load? If your site is monitored by Oh Dear, you’ll find out right way when it’s down, however you want to be notified — through email, SMS, Slack, webhooks, or any of a bunch of other options.

But Oh Dear goes way beyond uptime checking. We crawl your entire website and notify you whenever one of your pages is down.

Make sure your scheduled tasks run correctly

Oh Dear can check if all scheduled tasks of your Laravel app run correctly. Syncing your schedule with Oh Dear is dead easy using the spatie/laravel-cron-monitor package.

Monitor the health of your Laravel app

Oh Dear can notify you when Horizon is down, your cache is failing, your disk is almost full, and more? Using our application health check. Again, it is very easy for Laravel developers to get started with this check. Just use the spatie/laravel-health package, which offers tight integration with Oh Dear.

All the checks that Oh Dear can perform

Oh Dear consists of several checks to ensure your Laravel app runs smoothly.

  1. Uptime: as soon as one of your sites is down, we can notify you.
  2. Performance: we keep an eye on the performance and sudden changes in performance characteristics of your sites.
  3. SSL/TLS health: if a certificate is due to expire, has missing certificates in its chains or uses SHA-1 hashing, we'll let you know.
  4. Mixed content detection: we crawl your sites and will notify you when we detected mixed content.
  5. Broken links: we crawl your site and will notify you when we detected a broken link.
  6. Cron job monitoring: as soon as one of your scheduled tasks doesn't report back to us, we'll send you a notification.
  7. Application Health monitoring: we monitor critical parts of your server and application. We'll let you know when you're running low on disk space, when your queues are not running, when the API you depend on is down, and much more...
  8. Lighthouse SEO monitoring: using Google Lighthouse, we monitor key performance metrics of your site and can notify you of SEO issues.
  9. DNS record monitoring: get notified whenever any of your DNS records change
  10. Domain monitoring: we let you know if your domain expires soon
  11. Certificate transparency reporting: we'll notify you as soon a new certificate is issued for your site.

You can try out all these checks using the free 10-day trial.