Practical Laravel Security

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Practical Laravel Security is hands-on course that uses interactive hacking exercises to teach you how to keep your applications secure.

I believe the best way to learn how to defend against the hackers, is to first learn how to hack (ethically, of course...).

So we start by learning their attacks.

First we'll cover the theory - what is is? How does it work? Why would they use it?

And then you'll learn how to do it yourself! Each attack module will give you hands on practical exercises where you can put your new hacking skills to use!

Of course, there's no point teaching you an attack without also teaching you how to defend against it. So in the Defend modules, I'll teach you exactly what tools you need to protect your site from the attacks you've just learnt.

Finally, in the History section, you can learn from their mistakes. We'll look at previously disclosed vulnerabilities in Laravel and the community. I'll show you exactly what when wrong, and how they were fixed.