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The missing statistics tool for your Laravel application

SimpleStats is a streamlined statistics tool tailored for Laravel applications. It transcends mere counts of visits, views, and page impressions to discover in-depth metrics like Registrations, Daily Active Users, New Paying Users, campaign ROI, and much more!

It offers precise insights into user origins and behaviors. With default tracking and filtering via UTM codes, you gain detailed analysis of marketing campaigns, identifying which efforts drive revenue. Effortlessly evaluate campaign ROI, discover cost-effective user acquisition channels, and pinpoint the most effective performance channels. SimpleStats ensures full GDPR compliance and a minimalistic and straightforward installation process.

Teams, Projects and Instances

You can invite co-workers to your team and assign roles, such as Administrator, Editor, Viewer to them. Furthermore, if you like and want to, you can create multiple projects and multiple instances per project, which allows you to structure and organize your app tracking into smaller "junks".


On our dashboard, we provide you with the following KPIs: Net revenue, Registrations, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Active Users, New Active Users, Average revenue Per User, Reg. to DAU, Reg. to Active and much more!