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The PHP Scratchpad

Enjoy coding and debugging in an editor designed for fast feedback and quick iterations. It's like a shell for your application – but with multi-line editing, code completion, and more.

Tinkerwell allows you to prototype functions and controller methods without leaving the editor. You can provide request context, implement the business logic and craft the response before you even hit your browser.

It's the perfect IDE companion for Laravel developers.

Tinkerwell is more than a tinker tool

  • You can run code on production environments via SSH and Laravel Vapor - without modifying your live code
  • The Detail Dive output displays interactive cards with expandable table views, graphs and Mailable previews
  • Simplify your debugging workflow with Magic Comments and their inline output that tells you the state of variables or functions during the code execution
  • View logs of your Laravel applications with the integrated log viewer instead of messing around with a terminal editor
  • and much more