Learn how to Improve the performance of your Laravel app with Performant Laravel


June 14th, 2017

Learn how to Improve the performance of your Laravel app with Performant Laravel

Performant Laravel is a new free video course created by Chris Fidao that covers quick performance wins you can implement right now into your Laravel apps.

The course includes 12 videos that range from three minutes up to twenty minutes, which makes them the perfect size for binge watching during your breaks and here is a list of all the videos included:

  • The Optimize Command – Learn how the optimize command speeds up Laravel.
  • The Route Cache – Use the route cache to skip route compilation on each request.
  • The Config Cache – Use the config cache to reduce configuration parsing & see its caveats.
  • Eager Loading – Use eager loading and avoid the dreaded n+1 query problem.
  • Database Chunking – Reduce memory usage on queries returning lots of data.
  • MySQL Indexing I – Cover a sample application and the queries it makes.
  • MySQL Indexing II – Learn what a database index is & how to create a basic index.
  • MySQL Indexing III – Learn how to improve the app’s slow queries with indexes.
  • Object Caching I – Discuss and configure object caching.
  • Object Caching II – Add a naive implementation of caching.
  • Object Caching III – Use the Decorator pattern to add caching to our app.
  • Object Caching IV – Discuss ways to reduce memory usage in Redis.

As mentioned above the course is free but it does require a signup. So head over to Performant Laravel and start the free course and learn to improve the performance of your Laravel app.

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