PestPHP Plugin for PhpStorm


November 6th, 2020

PestPHP Plugin for PhpStorm

PestPHP has a plugin that adds support for using Pest inside of PhpStorm (written by Oliver Nybroe). This plugin adds conveniences to working with Pest, such as running a Pest test from the PhpStorm UI (like PHPUnit) and supports auto-completion.

Having assertions available through auto-completion can help you see what assertions are available without leaving your code. You can also assign a value to a property before each test, and this plugin includes those properties as part of auto-completion.

In my opinion, one of the killer features in this plugin is seeing code coverage directly within the PhpStorm UI.

If you’d like to learn more about what this plugin offers, check out Oliver’s post, How the Pest PhpStorm Plugin Will Improve Your Testing Workflow over on the PhpStorm blog.

This plugin is available in the JetBrains marketplace: Pest – Plugins | JetBrains. You can also install Pest for PhpStorm in your editor by going to Preferences > Plugins > Marketplace and search for “Pest.”

Learn More

If you want to learn more about PestPHP, Michael Dyrynda published a series of videos Introducing PestPHP. If you’re interested in how this plugin works, check out the source code for pestphp/pest-intellij on GitHub.

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