PHP 8.1 Release Candidate 1 Is Here


September 3rd, 2021

PHP 8.1 Release Candidate 1 Is Here

The PHP team announced the release of the first PHP 8.1 release candidate! We are still about two and a half months (Nov 25) from the v8.1.0 GA, but you can start preparing for PHP 8.1 by learning about the new features, the upgrade path, and key dates to ensure you're ready.

What New Features are in PHP 8.1?

PHP 8.1 is a minor release with new features focusing on the language's object-oriented design, types, functions, etc. Here are some of the highlight features coming to PHP 8.1:

If you'd like more details on these features (and more), check out Brent Roose's post What's new in PHP 8.1. Also, check out the upgrading document for the complete list of new features.


This release kicks off the feature freeze portion of the PHP 8.1 release cycle. We'll see a few more release candidates, and finally, the general availability release around November 25, 2021:

PHP 8.1 schedule

Learn More

The following list of resources has everything you need to learn more about the upcoming releases:

  • The UPGRADING document includes backward-incompatible changes, new features, and everything else you'll need to familiarize yourself with changes in PHP 8.1
  • The NEWS document has detailed notes about each release
  • The PHP 8.1 preparation tasks page has the release timeline of the upcoming releases
  • You can download the PHP 8.1 RC1 source from the downloads page

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