PHP Monitor 5.0 for macOS is Here


February 3rd, 2022

PHP Monitor 5.0 for macOS is Here

PHP Monitor, the lightweight native Mac app to manage PHP and Laravel Valet, has released v5.0!

The author Nico Verbruggen announced the release yesterday:

Here are some of the highlight features summarized from the release notes:

  • Link a folder in Valet
  • Site list performance improvements
  • Faster and improved site search
  • Site list displays project type (i.e., Laravel, WordPress, etc.) from composer.json
  • Brew services status in the dropdown menu (PHP, Nginx, Dnsmasq, etc.)
  • See project's PHP version requirement at a glance in the site list
  • Compatibility status per site
  • Change PHP versions from the compatibility status on the sites list
  • Automatic update of PHP INI changes
  • Alfred integration
  • Sponsor awareness - a one-time message to sponsor the author

One of my favorite features added is linking a folder and securing it (adding HTTPS) during creation:

PHP Monitor folder linking example

Linking a folder makes it convenient to manage projects via the UI and visualize the requirements for all your sites in one place. The site list updates in v5.0 are insane!

On his blog, the author has written about the 5.0 release with insider details. I recommend giving it a read and following the author for future updates.

To get started, check out the GitHub project for documentation and installation instructions. Since this project is free and open-source, you can support the creator by sponsoring his work.

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