PHP Spellchecker Library

PHP Spellchecker Library

PHP Spellchecker is a library providing a way to spellcheck multiple sources of text by many spellcheckers. The library provides an abstraction layer with a unified interface for various spellcheckers with support for the following out of the box:

Here’s a quick example from the documentation using the Aspell spellchecker:

use PhpSpellcheck\SpellChecker\Aspell;

// if you made the default aspell installation on you local machine
$aspell = Aspell::create();

$misspellings = $aspell->check('mispell', ['en_US'], ['from_example']);

foreach ($misspellings as $misspelling) {
    $misspelling->getWord(); // 'mispell'
    $misspelling->getLineNumber(); // '1'
    $misspelling->getOffset(); // '0'
    $misspelling->getSuggestions(); // ['misspell', ...]
    $misspelling->getContext(); // ['from_example']

Here’s an example from the documentation for checking spelling in a file:

// spellchecking a file
$misspellings = $aspell->check(new File('path/to/file.txt'), ['en_US'], ['from_file']);
foreach ($misspellings as $misspelling) {

Be sure to check out the PHP-Spellchecker Documentation for complete details on installation and usage. You can check out the source code on GitHub at tigitz/php-spellchecker.

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