PHPConsole is a Programming and Live Coding Companion


June 20th, 2018

PHPConsole is a Programming and Live Coding Companion

PHPConsole is a neat Windows desktop application GUI for writing, reading, and executing PHP code by Josiah Ovye Yahaya.

The main features of PHPConsole are:

  • Clean and beautiful code editor
  • Powerful code linter
  • Fast and slick
  • Powerful code previewer
  • And more

The app includes a local web server, which is perfect for aspiring developers trying to learn PHP:

Using this app lowers the barrier of needing to worry about setting up PHP locally, and those learning PHP can experiment with the language quickly by executing code immediately and getting instant feedback.

In Josiah’s post on this application, he explains how PHPConsole can help new developers and presenters alike:

PHPConsole was birthed from the fact that I have had several guys from my community who wants to learn or get started in programming and especially PHP programming language but often, couldn’t because of these

  1. Don’t know what to start with
  2. Don’t know how to preview my codes easily
  3. Xampp or Wamp failed to work

Secondly, I needed a tool I could easily use for my presentations or masterclasses in PHP especially Laravel.

Right now the application is only available for Windows OS, but Josiah has plans on making the platform available on the web:

For now, the app works only on Windows OS. This is why your contributions are needed to scale it. Plans to make it available on the web are underway. I will write about that when it’s ready.

Josiah is a web developer from Nigeria, and lead at PHP Arewa, “a community of PHP developers in Northern Nigeria. We come together, solve problems and build awesome stuff.”

If you’re on Windows, you can download the executable from the project’s GitHub repo. Props to Josia for such a unique and inspiring tool for developers.

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