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PHPInsights just released v2 with the ability to automatically fix proposed insights, PHP 8 support, faster analysis, and more!

If you haven’t tried out PHPInsights yet, this is an excellent opportunity to give it a try. PHPInsights is an opinionated (yet configurable) code quality tool to analyze your PHP projects, providing static analysis tools, framework-specific recommendations, and quality checks to ensure your code stays in tip-top shape.

Without further ado, let’s look at a few highlight features for v2!

Automatically Fix Insights from PHPCS and PHP-CS-Fixer

In v2, you can use the --fix option to the phpinsights CLI to automatically fix insights from PHPCS and PHP-CS-Fixer. You can also launch fixes using the fix command:

vendor/bin/phpinsights fix

PHP 8 Support

With v2 released, PHPInsights is compatible with PHP 8 and Composer v2. In addition, some insights make recommendations to use newer PHP 8 features not available in previous versions.

Real-Time Monitoring

Using the new --summary option, you can get real-time monitoring of PHPInsights while you code! Using the Linux watch command, you can see the state of your code in progress!

Here’s the --summary option in action:

Analysis Performance

Between the v1.x and just-released v2, PHPInsights received various performance tuning and introduced caching to increase analysis performance. All issue details are stored in cache for quicker results when a file’s content does not change between two reports. Lastly, v2 can utilize multiple CPU cores via configuration. If you don’t specify, PHPInsights will automatically detect how many cores you have and use all of them.

Learn More

I’d highly recommend reading the PHPInsights v2 release announcement by Jibé Barth. Also, check out the following release notes from the changelog to see all the features in v2:



  • Minimal PHP version is now PHP 7.4 (#391)
  • Support multiple path to analyse (#384)
  • Autofixer (#337)
  • Syntax check Insight is now using PHP-Parallel-lint (#373, #437, #487)
  • Cache on analysis (#407)
  • Allow to override preset config (#420)
  • Support Composer v2 (#433, #442)
  • Support phploc v7 (#428)
  • Parallelization of analysis (#414)
  • Support PHP8 (#448)
  • CheckStyle report use the dot notation format to be using with Checkstyle parsers (#464)
  • Allow to use version in composer.json (#473)
  • Upgrade to Slevomat/Coding-standard v7 (#477)
  • New option to show summary only (#481)
  • Support PHP-CS-Fixer v3 (#490)
  • CodeClimate Formatter (#498)
  • Configuring Fixers indentation (#502)
  • Diff output configurable (#482)


  • Performance issues (#382, #387, #405)
  • Check that lock file exist (#389)
  • Avoid conflict with phpcs config file (#402)
  • Clean display message without file target (#404)
  • IDE Link with colors (#413)
  • No error trigger when Details Message issue contains console styling (#447)
  • Excluded files from Cyclomatic Complexity are no more take in account for score (#460)


  • Refactoring code (#391, #393)
  • Process Security Checks during the project inspection (#406)
  • Drop Travis-CI and use GithubAction (#448)
  • Drop object-calisthenics/phpcs-calisthenics-rules dependency (#477)


  • Some Insights hare now deprecated or namespace changed. Find them here (#477)
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