PHPUnit 6.0.0 Is Released


February 3rd, 2017


PHPUnit has released version 6.0, and it now drops support for PHP 5.6, which is no longer actively maintained.

Some of the new features in this release include:

  • Added a new getExpectedExceptionCode() and getExpectedExceptionMessage()
  • Support for annotations on traits
  • Allow to filter for multiple test suites
  • Added the PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::createTestProxy() method for creating test proxies
  • Added the --dont-report-useless-tests commandline option
  • Added the --globals-backup commandline option
  • Added verbatim attribute to prevent "true" and "false" from being converted to true and false, respectively
  • See more in the change log

With this new release it marks the end of life for PHPUnit v4.8, and v5.7 will continue to receive bug fixes until February 2, 2018.

For those looking to update you can update your composer.json file or download the PHAR from the PHPUnit homepage.

I tested it with a fresh Laravel 5.4 application, and the default tests continue to work. Laravel will continue to include the older v5.x line of PHPUnit until the Laravel 5.5 release when it will require PHP 7.

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