Potion – Laravel Assetic Package


March 24th, 2015

Laravel potion is a pure PHP asset manager for Laravel 5, based of Assetic.

Some of the features include:

  • Fully integrated into Laravel’s artisan commands
  • Asset versioning support
  • Asset CDN Url support
  • Bade Helpers for Asset inclusion in templates
  • Command to clear all assets already published on disk
  • Makes use of Cache configuration, and not disk, in order to account for load balanced servers.
  • Supports the following filters from Assetic:
    • OptiPngFilter
    • CssImportFilter
    • CssRewriteFilter
    • CssMinFilter
    • CssCompressorFilter from YUI
    • LessphpFilter
    • JSMinFilter
    • JpegoptimFilter
    • JSqueezeFilter
    • JsCompressorFilter from YUI
    • ScssphpFilter

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Eric L. Barnes

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