Preset – A command line tool for applying existing presets to your freshly scaffolded projects


August 18th, 2020


Preset is a command-line tool for kickstarting your application’s development by applying presets on top of it. If you’ve ever tried a boilerplate, then you might have gotten frustrated with all the changes it makes behind the scenes and how you usually are expected to do things the way the creator designed it. Preset is an alternative to this setup, and the beauty of it is each “preset” describes the exact changes needed for the features to be added. By reading the preset’s code, you know the exact changes it brings.

You can get started using it by using the npx use-preset command. Then you can use existing presets via the command line.

1npx use-preset your-github-username/your-preset

Some of the pre-existing preset’s include:

The documentation includes all the details on getting started and building your own presets.

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