Regex Helpers for Laravel


August 10th, 2021

Regex Helpers for Laravel

hotmeteor/regex is a set of ready-made regex helper methods for use in your Laravel application:

This package comes with common regular expression patterns that are ready to match and replace against values. The package supports case-insensitivity, Unicode characters and supports all languages.

Here are some examples from the package's readme:

1// Match
2Regex::isAlpha($subject, $allowWhitespace = false);
3Regex::isAlphanumeric($subject, $allowWhitespace = false);
4Regex::isAlphadash($subject, $allowWhitespace = false);
5Regex::isDigits($subject, $allowWhitespace = false);
8// Replace
9Regex::alpha($subject, $replace = '');
10Regex::alphanumeric($subject, $replace = '');
11Regex::alphadash($subject, $replace = '');
12Regex::digits($subject, $replace = '');
13Regex::numeric($subject, $replace = '');

You also have access to the underlying match and replace methods for custom patterns:

1// Replace interface
2public static function replace($subject, $pattern, $replacement = '');
4// Match interface
5public static function match($subject, $pattern, bool $allowWhitespace = false): bool;

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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