The Scaling Laravel Course by Chris Fidao is now Live


March 13th, 2018

The Scaling Laravel Course by Chris Fidao is now Live

Scaling Laravel is a course by Chris Fidao about scaling your Laravel application code, and preparing your applications for using a scaled infrastructure. In addition to application concerns, the course covers server optimization, load balancing, and database optimizations.

The course is available as of today, March 13. You can save 20% off as a Laravel News reader by using the coupon code “launchdaylisters”:

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Here are the available modules:

  • Performant Laravel (also is a free course)
  • Server Setup/Security
  • Server Optimization (php-fpm, Opcache, network)
  • Making an Application
  • In-Depth Queues (including using Echo/Pusher/VueJS for UX)
  • Server Specialization (including MySQL configuration)
  • Load Balancing
  • Scaling on Forge (also is a free course)
  • Premium module: Advanced MySQL

There are two packages available:

  • Core Modules: includes the first eight modules
  • Premium Modules: includes the first eight modules + an advanced MySQL module.

This course will help you learn how to prepare your Laravel application and setup your servers for higher availability and higher traffic.

The course covers quick performance tips you can integrate into your application, such as using Laravel’s built-in caching tools, writing efficient queries, indexing MySQL tables, and various other techniques to help scale your apps.

From the server perspective, the course will walk you through server optimization and horizontal scaling techniques that help you optimize your infrastructure and set up things like load balancers.

Free Modules

Chris has a couple of free mini-courses available so you can sample Scaling Laravel:

About Chris Fidao

Chris is a staple in the Laravel community, he is probably most notably known for his Servers for Hackers Book. He is also the author of Shipping Docker, a Docker course that shows you how to use Docker in development, testing, and production. He is also the author of the Trusted Proxy package/middleware that ships with Laravel +5.5.

Learn More

You can learn more and buy the course by going to You can purchase the course and stream the videos from the application.

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