Simple Auto Scaling - Scaling Laravel on AWS


October 18th, 2021

Simple Auto Scaling - Scaling Laravel on AWS

CloudCasts will be launching this November with it's first course all about auto-scaling Laravel on AWS.

About CloudCasts

CloudCasts has in-depth, real world tutorials on Amazon Web Services. AWS is complex - CloudCasts will help you skip the confusion and teach what's really important.

Simple Auto Scaling

The first full course to be released will be Simple Auto Scaling.

This course will teach you how to go from local development to an automated, auto-scaled, production-ready infrastructure.

AWS Fundamentals

The course starts with AWS fundamentals.

You'll learn all about the VPC (private networks) in clear, simple terms. This is foundational to the rest of AWS.

Then we cover the details of EC2 servers, including talking about all the configuration options available to it. You'll learn which to pay attention to and which to ignore.


You'll learn how to using Launch Templates, Auto Scaling Groups, and Auto Scaling Policies to automate the scaling of your applications. Of course we use a load balancer to distribute traffic across web servers as well.


See how to build, run, test, and (most importantly) deploy your application in a CI/CD pipeline, triggered when you push up code to a Git repository.

Infrastructure as Code

Throughout the course, learn how to codify your infrastructure using Terraform. This lets you build, track, tweak, and automate changes to your infrastructure in AWS. No more clicking around the web console, hoping you didn't forget important details or accidentally break something!

There's a free Terraform course on CloudCasts right now!

Focused on Laravel

The Simple Auto Scaling course uses an example Laravel application throughout its lessons.

We cover the important parts of hosting and scaling a Laravel application, including:

  1. Building static assets and deployable "build artifacts"
  2. Automating PHP web servers
  3. Automating queue worker servers
  4. Auto Scaling each server type separately

The course is launching this November. Sign up here to get notified when it's complete, and to start learning about AWS right now!

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