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December 21st, 2020


Scout APM is PHP application performance monitoring designed to help developers quickly pinpoint and resolve performance issues before the customer ever sees them. With easy package installation and support for both Laravel and Symfony, Scout APM streamlines proactive and real-time insight into performance issues like N+1 queries, memory leaks, and other abnormalities with tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code.

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time building great PHP applications with Scout APM.

Actionable Performance Insight in Less Than 4 Minutes

Scout’s PHP package is safe to run alongside your existing APM library and gives developers maximal performance insight with minimal configuration. In less than 4 minutes, you’ll have access to:

Automatic Tracking of Key Performance Metrics

  • Mean & 95th Percentile Response Time
  • Throughput
  • Error Rate
  • Memory Usage
  • Apdex score

Automatic Instrumentation of PHP Dependencies

  • Middleware
  • Controllers
  • SQL Queries

Automatic N+1 & Slow Query Detection

  • Detect N+1 & slow queries in real-time
  • View the traces & endpoints where problematic queries occur
  • Prioritize troubleshooting based on query volume & load time

Automatic Insight into User-Specific Issues

  • Track down user-specific issues with custom context
  • Attach custom data to tracked requests
  • Search & filter on that custom data

Automatic Alerts & Digest Emails

  • Receive real-time alerts that need your attention now
  • Get daily & weekly digest emails summarizing app performance
  • Stay informed with outlier & endpoint highlights to keep on your radar

Scout’s deep instrumentation and clutter-free UI streamlines performance issue resolution and helps PHP developers get back to coding. Start your free 14-day trial today to see firsthand how you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time building great PHP applications with Scout APM.

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