Scout Extended Released


January 31st, 2019


Earlier this month Algolia released Scout Extended, the official Algolia Laravel integration. This package was headed up by Algolia employee and creator of Laravel Zero, Nuno Maduro.

Some of the highlight features of this integration include:

  • Implement site-wide search amongst multiple models with aggregators
  • Zero-downtime reimports in production
  • Configurable search experience and syncing search configuration between Laravel and Algolia
  • Improved search builder
  • A status overview console command
  • Integrate with client-side InstantSearch libraries
  • Useful Macros and Facades provided by Algolia Extended, allowing you to do things like accessing the Algolia API directly.

I can tell that the console tools have the professional polish we are used to seeing from Nuno in his work on Collision and Laravel Zero. Here’s an example from the Get status Documentation:

This package is 100% open-source and looks like an excellent addition to the already powerful Laravel Scout package! To learn more, check out the source code on GitHub and get started with the Scout Extended Documentation.

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