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November 3rd, 2016


One of the exciting new features that came out in Laravel 5.3 was Laravel Notifications, and they allow you to send quick updates through a variety of services.

Included in the Laravel core is support for Email, Slack, and Nexmo but you can build your own or visit the community project where a lot of integrations have already been built.

As I am working on this site I wanted to automatically send a tweet whenever a new post is published and a package, for this has already been created by Christoph Rumpel. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to integrate the Twitter package and automatically tweet out new posts.

Twitter Package Setup

First, install the package:

1composer require laravel-notification-channels/twitter

Next, add the provider to config/app.php

2'providers' => [
3 ...
4 NotificationChannels\Twitter\TwitterServiceProvider::class,

Finally, create a new app on Twitter and add your config to the config/services.php file and your .env:

2'twitter' => [
3 'consumer_key' => getenv('TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY'),
4 'consumer_secret' => getenv('TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET'),
5 'access_token' => getenv('TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN'),
6 'access_secret' => getenv('TWITTER_ACCESS_SECRET')

Tip: The access_token and access_secret can be found on the “Keys and Access Tokens” tab of your Twitter app page.

Sending the Tweet

For my setup, I have a Post model that I’ll be using to send out the tweet from, but you can use any model you already have. Just add the Notifiable trait to it:

1class Post extends Model
3 use Notifiable;

Next, create your notification class:

1php artisan make:notification PostPublished

Open up this file and adjust the via method and add a toTwitter method. Here is the completed class:

3namespace App\Notifications;
5use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;
6use NotificationChannels\Twitter\TwitterChannel;
7use NotificationChannels\Twitter\TwitterStatusUpdate;
9class PostPublished extends Notification
11 public function via($notifiable)
12 {
13 return [TwitterChannel::class];
14 }
16 public function toTwitter($notifiable) {
17 return new TwitterStatusUpdate('You should follow @laravelnews');
18 }

Now to call this all you have to do is grab a Post and send it off:

1$post = Post::find(1);
2$post->notify(new PostPublished());

The final change we need to make is to update the toTwitter method in the PostPublished class, so it includes the actual post data.

1public function toTwitter($post) {
2 return new TwitterStatusUpdate($post->title .''. $post->uri, [$post->featured_image]);

The Post model is passed into the method, and then I just pull out the title, the full path to the post and add the post’s featured image as a second param.

That’s it!

These notification channels are simplifying the integration with a lot of external services that in the past would have been a chore to setup manually. If you’d like to go further here is a tutorial on how to send notifications to Telegram

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