Serialization for Eloquent's QueryBuilder


October 5th, 2021

Serialization for Eloquent's QueryBuilder

Eloquent Serialize is a Laravel package to serialize and unserialize Eloquent query builder objects. The EloquentSerialize service has two methods, serialize and unserialize.

Given the following simple query, you can serialize the builder results:

$data = \EloquentSerialize::serialize(
// => "O:36:"AnourValar\EloquentSerialize\Package":1:{s:42:"\0AnourValar\EloquentSerialize\Package\0data";a:4:{s:5:"model";s:15:"App\Models\Post";s:10:"connection";N;s:8:"eloquent";a:3:{s:4:"with";a:1:{s:6:"author";a:16:{s:8:"bindings";a:9:{s:6:"select";a:0:{}s:4:"from";a:0:{}s:4:"join";a:0:{}s:5:"where";a:0:{}s:7:"groupBy";a:0:{}s:6:"having";a:0:{}s:5:"order";a:0:{}s:5:"union";a:0:{}s:10:"unionOrder";a:0:{}}...

From serialized data, you can get back an Eloquent builder instance:

foreach ($builder->get() as $item) {
// ...
=> Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection {#4430
all: [
App\Models\Post {#4423
id: 1,
author_id: 1,
title: "Hello World",
body: "This is a test post.",
created_at: "2021-10-05 04:14:31",
updated_at: "2021-10-05 04:14:31",
author: App\Models\Author {#3483
id: 1,
name: "Paul Redmond",
created_at: "2021-10-05 04:13:36",
updated_at: "2021-10-05 04:13:36",

This package could be helpful if you need to cache or store a query for users as serialized data and later need to retrieve the results back into an Eloquent builder object.

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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