Server Timing Metrics for your Laravel Apps

Server Timing Metrics for your Laravel Apps

Laravel Server Timing is a package by Marcel Pociot that allows you to easily add server timing information within your Laravel apps.

Server timing information helps instrument request/response data from the server for at-a-glance data you want surface in the browser.

After you install the Server Timing package, it provides the following metrics out-of-the-box:

  • Bootstrap
  • Application time
  • Total

And here’s an example of the server timing information as seen in Google Chrome using the default instrumented values:

You can add additional measurements with this package using the ServerTiming facade or accompanying service in your code:

ServerTiming::start('Running expensive task');

// do something

ServerTiming::stop('Running expensive task');

// If you already know the exact time:
ServerTiming::setDuration('Running expensive task', 1200);

// Measure the duration of the closure:
ServerTiming::setDuration('Running expensive task', function() {

Finally, here’s an example of the raw header value using the default measurements:

Server-Timing: bootstrap;desc="Bootstrap";dur=32.552003860474, app;desc="App";dur=8, total;desc="Total";dur=41.576147079468,

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at beyondcode/laravel-server-timing.

The Server-Timing header documentation on MDN provides further details on the spec.

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