Serverless Laravel - Learn to scale your applications with Laravel Vapor


May 10th, 2021

Serverless Laravel - Learn to scale your applications with Laravel Vapor

Have you been wanting to learn more about Laravel Vapor? Or have you been using it and want to quickly and efficiently scale your applications?

Serverless Laravel is a course by Jack Ellis that will not only teach you about Laravel Vapor but also automatic scaling, deployments, and so much more.

“Jack has been using Vapor since it first launched and has a lot of experience with it. He’s in a perfect position to teach this course” – Taylor Otwell

Course Details

With the course, you’ll be able to save yourself hundreds of hours with the 49 lessons and learn everything you need to know about Laravel Vapor. Below is a list of the sections and what you can expect to learn in each one:

  • Welcome to Serverless Laravel
    • What is serverless?
    • What is Vapor?
  • Getting set-up with AWS
    • Linking with AWS
    • How to get free AWS credits
  • Creating your first project
    • Installing Vapor
    • YAML file basics
    • Deploying your project
    • Adding a domain to your project
    • Adding a database to your project
    • Adding Redis to your project
    • Managing environment variables and secrets
  • Advanced environment configuration
    • Disabling services you don’t need
    • Optimize deployments by separating the vendor files
    • Avoiding cold starts by pre-warming
    • Provisioned Concurrency vs Vapor Prewarming
    • How to prevent a DDoS attack from bankrupting you
    • Timeouts, memory, and concurrency
    • Build Hooks vs Deploy Hooks
  • Databases & Redis
    • Serverless vs Fixed Size
    • Database redundancy & scaling
    • Monitoring your database
    • Attaching a second database to an environment
    • Sharing a database between environments
    • Scaling & monitoring your Redis cluster
  • Queues
    • Understanding Simple Queue Service (SQS)
    • Assume the worst
    • Preventing your jobs from being processed multiple times
    • Building jobs that can handle database downtimes
  • Handling Static Assets
    • Static assets in Vapor
    • Laravel Mix
    • Background images in your CSS
  • File System
    • Explanation
    • Using an S3 bucket for your files
    • Never upload files through your Laravel app
  • Networks & Security
    • Jumpbox, Jumpbox, Jumpbox, them boys up to somethin’
    • Connecting to your private database
    • NAT Gateways
    • API Gateway vs Application Load Balancer
    • Keeping your projects isolated
  • Business & Costs
    • Persuading your boss or client to use Vapor
    • How to estimate costs for Vapor
    • Cost-saving techniques
    • A real-world example of costs
  • Deployment
    • Move your sessions to Redis
    • Essential commands
    • Continuous Integration with ChipperCI
  • Advanced
    • How Cloudflare Argo can save you money
    • Provisioning custom domains for your users
    • Processing big files with Vapor

Buy Serverless Laravel today for $249, and get all 49 lessons, membership to a private Slack community, and lifetime updates and access to any new material as it’s added.

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