Shipping Docker - Learn how to use Docker in development, testing, and production.


June 21st, 2021


Shipping Docker is a comprehensive course in the many uses of Docker. From playing to developing, testing to deploying, it covers it all in a way that is easy to understand.

Featuring recent course updates on more advanced and modern ways to build Docker images and a comprehensive section on running containers in AWS Elastic Container Service.

Get immediate access to the following:

  • 17 modules with 106 videos to stream or download
  • Learn the basics of Docker, including containers, networking, volume sharing
  • Develop a superb development workflow with Docker
  • "Dockerize" Your Applications
  • New: Learn the best practices in creating Dockerfiles
  • See how Docker builds images and build your own
  • New: Use BuildKit & Multi-Stage builds for quicker, efficient image building
  • Learn simple and advanced docker-compose configurations
  • New: Learn about changes in docker-compose 3
  • Use Docker Machine to install and control Docker on remote machines
  • Learn the pain points of Docker and how to avoid them
  • Automate & build production images with your latest code
  • Configure and use S3-backed private registries
  • See how to further configure Jenkins to and build up a Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • See how to run and deploy Docker on on single-host setups without downtime
  • See how to configure and use Docker Swarm for production
  • New: Create a complete CI/CD pipeline, with blue/green deployments, using Amazon ECR, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, ECS and more

Get Shipping Docker today and learn how to use Docker in development, testing, and production.

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