Slash Your Laravel Application Monitoring Spending with Scout APM! (sponsor)


May 25th, 2020


Scout APM is excited to announce its 80//50//0 promotion to help companies looking to reduce infrastructure spending and work with an APM vendor that appreciates your business.

We hear the same complaints from customers using large application performance monitoring providers looking to make a switch:

  • “Our current service is really expensive and I’m not using half of the features”
  • “Their pricing is opaque and renewal quotes are outrageous!”

80% of the Features // 50% of the Cost // 0% of the Sales Hassle

80% of the Features

Scout APM is better than larger vendors in many ways. We help you identify and fix performance issues faster than our competitors. If you’re focused on tracking down N+1 queries, sources of memory bloat, and other performance abnormalities in your app, we think you’ll find Scout’s intuitive interface superior.

But we’re not for everyone and larger vendors admittedly more feature-rich than our focused approach. If you need one tool to monitor your application and a fleet of servers, you’re probably better off sticking with a broad enterprise monitoring platform.

“Everything I get out of New Relic, I get out of Scout for a fraction of the price.” – Head of Software Engineering @ Zesty Ltd.

50% of the Cost

We’re a better value. Customers that migrate to Scout usually end up paying 40-50% than they were paying larger vendors. We have less overhead; no fancy offices, less marketing, and fewer salespeople. We can still handle billions of transactions per day, but we prefer to invest in our product and customer support/success teams.

“With ScoutAPM we got a product we like better, and it saves us 39% over New Relic, it was a win-win” – Brett Herford-Fell CTO of Print Speak

0% of the Sales Hassle

We’re easy to work with and don’t run the traditional enterprise sales playbook. Try the product for yourself with our 14-day free trial or sign up for a demo with a sales engineer. You can even chat with our developers directly in our community slack channel.

Not only will we beat your New Relic or Datadog pricing by 50%, we bet you’ll like our product and customer service better!

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