Sponsor: Automated Cron and Queue Monitoring


September 29th, 2014

I’d like to thank Eyewitness.io for being this weeks sponsor.

Imagine finding out your backup cron was not running for 3 weeks and you had no idea (and no backups). Or have you ever had a queue or cron job go down in the middle of the night, not to find out until the next morning? Or even worse have it go down on a Friday night and not realize until Monday.

Eyewitness is a brand new service for monitoring this automatically for you and will instantly alert you via SMS, email, or a phone call when anything goes wrong.

If you are using Laravel, and I’m sure you are, setting it up is a breeze with a pre-built Laravel Package. Here are a few examples to show you how easy the setup is:

2// or from artisan
3php artisan eyewitness:ping 'your-cron-token-here'

and for queues

1php artisan eyewitness:queue 'your-queue-token-here' 'queue-name-here'

Go signup for the free trial and sleep better at night.

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