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August 20th, 2020


After a few months of being in beta, Statamic 3 is now officially launched and available to everyone. This release marks a new beginning for Statamic because the system is now built as a Laravel package. This means you can drop it into just about any Laravel application and have a full CMS at your disposal.

That is just one major feature and here are some other new features from their release announcement:

Statamic 3 is built as a Laravel package, which means you can drop it into just about any Laravel application and have a full CMS at your fingertips without having to wangjangle WordPress or another platform onto a subdomain or (God forbid) subdirectory and glue it and your app together with bubblegum and rubberbands.

Statamic 3 is open source and completely free for personal use. Just grab it off Github and start building.

Statamic 3 is designed to scale. You can start with flat files and transition to a database or cloud storage service when you need to by using data repositories.

Statamic 3 can be used as a headless CMS with our content API and upcoming GraphQL implementation.

Statamic 3 can transform into a static site generator with our ssg package.

Outside of these main features Statamic 3 has a new pricing structure:

Statamic 3 Pro is $259 and includes 1 year of updates and developer support. After that, each additional year of updates and basic support is $59. You will never have to “renew” your site to keep using it or leave it online, but rather only when you want to get the latest updates and support. Your site is yours forever and we like it that way.

Statamic 3 Solo is free and open source! It doesn’t quite have every feature included in Pro, but is certainly more than capable to handle most personal and hobby sites. Head to the pricing page to see the side-by-side feature breakdown.

For complete details and to try it out today head over to the awesome flash dancer Statamic 3 website.

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