Statamic v3 Open Beta


December 6th, 2019

Statamic v3 Open Beta

The Statamic team recently launched its first open beta for v3 of the flat-file CMS and they are ready for you to give it a try.

One of the main changes to v3 is it is now built as a Laravel package instead of a “complete” application like v2. This makes it drop-in friendly for existing Laravel applications and your own Statamic sites will be much easier to extend and customize, often without needing to make addons.

This allows for things like…

  • Statamic v3 will be installed via Composer
  • The vendor directory won’t be included, making the package much, much smaller
  • Your own Statamic site repos can be public
  • Dependencies can be updated (to take advantage of fixes and features) without needing a Statamic core update or patch release

Of course, this just scratches on what all is new. The team has spent a ton of time and added lots of new features. Here are some important links about this release so you can learn more and dive right in.

A few other important pages and links

  • The upgrade guide has a comprehensive list of breaking changes and a list of steps to take when upgrading a v2 site (if you don’t use the migrator).
  • Statamic 3 principles is a page that gives you a high-level approach of how we think about content management and how it affects our approach to features and workflow.
  • If you want to open issues, request features, or contribute please read the contribution guide first.
  • The Statamic Discord is a good place to chat with us and other beta testers. Use the <span class="token other">#v3</span> channel.

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