Statmetric: Web Uptime and Performance Monitoring (sponsor)

Statmetric: Web Uptime and Performance Monitoring (sponsor)

We’re excited to announce Statmetric, our new web uptime and performance monitoring tool. Statmetric makes it very simple to monitor your websites, web applications and api endpoints. You can configure it all in 3 minutes.

Statmetric has three main features. Uptime monitoring, SSL monitoring and Pagespeed monitoring.

Uptime Monitoring

We visit your website every minute from more than 10 regions in the world including America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia; and make sure your website is up and healthy. It’s not just for websites, you can also send fully customized GET or POST requests. You can also monitor your TCP or UDP servers. All in one service.

Uptime monitoring has some advanced features like custom timeout values, health check strings, basic authentication, custom HTTP headers for both GET and POST requests.

If any problem occurs, you get notified by Email, SMS, Slack and Telegram. You can see detailed historic dataon your dashboard with advanced charts, such as response time averages or incident history, you can filter them by time or region.

SSL Monitoring

It can be challenging to keep track of the renewal dates of SSL certificates if you have multiple domains. With Statmetric, it becomes very easy. Just add your domains to your dashboard, and get notifications if your certificate is expiring soon.

Pagespeed Monitoring

Pagespeed scores are getting more important for both SEO and UX in an era where speed is key for success. And our websites may contain too many 3rd party resources, ad networks etc. In addition to these, Pagespeed criterias also change rapidly. If you care about pagespeed score of your website, you can monitor it automatically by Statmetric.

Statmetric creates pagespeed report for your websites every morning, and sends it to you. If your score decreases, it alerts you to take action. It’s a superb feature for developers, product managers, web agencies and SEO agencies.

Let’s start

You can just visit now and start monitoring for free!

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