String and Array Helpers for JavaScript


December 2nd, 2019

String and Array Helpers for JavaScript

Grafite Helpers is a collection of JavaScript string and array helpers for Laravel developers by Matt Lantz. These helpers are similar to the PHP helpers Laravel provides; however if you’re primarily a frontend developer, I still think you’ll appreciate them.

Here’s a few examples of the string helpers in action:

"This is my name".explode()
// ["This", "is", "my", "name"]
"This is my name".after("This is")
// ' my name'
"This is my name".beforeLast("my name");
// 'This is '
"I love watching movies".slug();
// "i-love-watching-movies"

And here’s a few array helper examples:

["Nissan", "BMW", "Ferrari"].implode();
// "Nissan BMW Ferrari"
["Nissan", "BMW", "Ferrari"].first();
// "Nissan"
["Nissan", "BMW", "Ferrari"].last();
// "Ferrari"
["Nissan", "BMW", "Ferrari"].remove("BMW");
// ["Nissan", "Ferrari"]

This package is available as @grafite/helpers in the NPM registry, and you can install it in your project with the following:

npm install @grafite/helpers

You can then import it in your project:

import '@grafite/helpers'

Check out the Helpers documentation for details of all the supported helpers. You can view the source code on GitHub at GrafiteInc/Helpers.

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