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January 1st, 2016

Stripe Donations with Laravel

![Example Donation Form](
Example Donation Form
Over the last year, I have ran into a few scenarios where I needed to receive money from someone that didn’t have Paypal. Searching around for a simple way of doing this turned up a few existing apps but they all either charge a monthly fee or take a big percentage of the sale.

I decided to build out a quick Laravel app to handle this in the future and it was amazing how fast I was able to complete the whole process.

Here are a breakdown of all the steps. Create a new Laravel app, require stripe-php, create two routes and a controller, then add some CSS styling. With the help of Forge and Let’s Encrypt I was then able to deploy in a matter of minutes and have it behind an SSL.

Accepting credit cards just a few years would have been dreadful and it’s so amazing how much nicer life has become for a developer.

Here is a link to the repo if you want an app to accept donations or one-off payments. It’s purposefully simple and nothing more than a single controller and two views but could save you a few minutes.

The way it’s setup you can just link to /donate?amount=200.00&description=Donation and the GET request will handle setting up the form. If the amount is missing from the request then it will show an input for the user to enter their own amount.

Happy New Year!

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