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July 30th, 2014

Allow me to introduce a side project that I’ve been working on, Study Journal. The idea with Study Journal is to help you remember what you’ve learned during a period of time. Basically you create notes, stating what you’ve learned, and Study Journal tells you when its time to repeat the contents – spaced repetition baby!

This post got me to start thinking about my own code journal habits. I’ve literally used dozens of apps to try and find something that would “stick”. nvAlt, Evernote, scribbleton, Day One, Text files, and on and on. Nothing seemed to suit me perfectly and I guess you could say I’m the problem.

On that same token I still think a perfect solution exists so lets have some fun. Would you share in the comments how you are currently keeping up with your notes? What apps you use and your typical workflow?

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Eric L. Barnes

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