Sublime Text 3.1 is Released


May 7th, 2018

Sublime Text 3.1 is Released

Users of Sublime Text 3 are going to be happy with the release announcement of Sublime Text 3.1 to the stable release channel. This release brings “a more polished experience all-around” and focuses on “foundational elements of the editor.”

From their release announcement:

Many of these changes were developed in response to the community’s feedback, and in some cases with your help! As may be evident, this dev cycle spent a good amount of time polishing some foundational elements of the editor and making it more robust for use on different configurations and for different purposes.

Some of my favorite highlights from the announcement are:

  • Ligature support, with controls for customizing OpenType features and stylistic sets
  • A new color scheme format based on JSON, with easier customization and new features like hashed syntax highlighting
  • Syntax definitions for Git file formats to allow Sublime Text to be a better core.editor
  • Goto References to augment Goto Definition
  • Significantly improved memory usage – up to 30% in some cases

Sublime Text is already one of the fastest editors on the market, and to see further performance improvements is encouraging!

If you own a v3 license, you can download V3.1 now, and you can access the dev builds to preview future releases before they hit stable.

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