Laravel Auth Redirection
Laravel Tutorials / January 09, 2017

Laravel Auth Redirection

When you use Laravel’s built-in Auth system, it provides a redirectTo property on the LoginController, RegisterController, and ResetPasswordController. This property allows you to define the location you want your users sent to after they complete the action. Inside of Laravel this is setup and implemented through a RedirectsUsers trait and a minor improvement has been … Continue reading Read more…

Authentication Enhancements in Laravel 5.3 – Sponsor
Sponsor / August 29, 2016

Authentication Enhancements in Laravel 5.3 – Sponsor

TLDR Laravel 5.3 was released at the recently concluded LaraconEU conference. Laravel 5.3 ships with a lot of new features and awesome improvements to different sections of already existing features. Authentication is one of those features that Laravel provides to developers out of the box and there have been some really good improvements to it … Continue reading Read more…

Laravel Tutorials / March 11, 2016

Creating a password-less email-only auth system in Laravel

Matt Stauffer writing for the Tighten blog has a new tutorial covering how to create a password-less login with Laravel. Recently I was working on a project where one of our major pain points was users’ passwords. Users were added to the application by administrators, so they didn’t have passwords when they were first added, … Continue reading Read more…

Laravel Tutorials / July 31, 2015

Learn to throttle logins with Laravel

Matt Stauffer has a new tutorial out on the new Login Throttling feature in 5.1. This post is a continuation of his new features in Laravel 5.1 series. He starts talking about why login throttling is needed: If you’ve ever run a SaaS (or put any web site with comments or signups on the Internet … Continue reading Learn to throttle logins with Lara... Read more…