Request Object Changes in Lumen 5.4
News / February 15, 2017

Request Object Changes in Lumen 5.4

A couple of weeks ago the Lumen core team managed to fix an issue with the request object when being called in unit tests, before the fix the request appears to be empty and all input data were not present in unit tests. The problem was related to how Lumen is bootstrapped, simply put, the …

Lumen 5.3 is released
News / September 07, 2016

Lumen 5.3 is released

Lumen 5.3 is now released and available for all. This is considered a maintenance release that upgrades the underlying packages to the Laravel 5.3 series. Before upgrading your application to Lumen 5.3, you should review the Laravel 5.3 upgrade guide and make any applicable changes to your application according to which Laravel components you are … Continue reading Lum... Read more…

Lumen 5.2 is now released
News / January 07, 2016

Lumen 5.2 is now released

Lumen 5.2.0 is now released! This release features the inclusion of Laravel 5.2 components and makes significant changes to its core philosophy. Any existing users of Lumen should take note of the following from the documentation: Only Stateless APIs Lumen 5.2 represents a shift on slimming Lumen to focus solely focusing serving stateless, JSON APIs. … Continue reading Read more…

Laravel Tutorials / July 01, 2015

JWT Authentication for Lumen

Mario Bašić has a new tutorial out showing how to implement JSON Web Token Authentication in Lumen. To get this all setup Mario used the jwt-auth package and had to install a few extra dependencies. What I find interesting is his experience with doing this same thing in Laravel: … I cannot believe how much … Continue reading JWT Authentication for LumenRead more…

News / June 16, 2015

Lumen 5.1 Released

Lumen 5.1 is now released and available to all. This release features the recently released Laravel 5.1 components, a move to PSR-2, and various bug fixes and improvements. With the inclusion of Laravel 5.1 components, this also means Lumen receives event broadcasting, model factories, and the unit testing.

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Laravel Tutorials / June 16, 2015

Lumen and Fractal

Mario Bašić has created a new tutorial on implementing Lumen with Fractal. If you are not familiar Fractal it is a package that provides a presentation and transformation layer for complex data output like found in RESTful APIs. One of the bonuses of using Fractal is that it supports the JSON-API specification. The tutorial goes … Continue reading Lumen and Fractal<... Read more…

Laravel Tutorials / June 12, 2015

Using WordPress with Lumen

Adam Patterson has a new tutorial out showing you how to use Lumen as a front-end to WordPress. At work I needed a fast and flexible way to present structured data that can be consumed by Python. This was done using WordPress leveraging Custom Post types and Advanced Custom Fields. Simply put. WordPress is the … Continue reading Using WordPress with LumenRead more…

News / June 05, 2015

Lumen Art

ninjagrl has started creating paintings that are inspired by the names of open-source projects, services, PHP community lingo, and related technical jargon. This latest release is inspired by Lumen. You can get your own copy starting at $20.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 21, 2015

Shedding light on Lumen

Chris Pitt recently gave a talk at the Wellington Laravel meetup about Lumen: The recent release of Lumen may have left you with the questions; “how is this different from Laravel, and should I be using it instead?” Let’s see the answers to both of these questions! Here is his slide deck from this talk:

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Laravel Tutorials / May 06, 2015

Introducing Lumen and Sample App

While we are on the subject of Lumen I totally missed two great posts by Matt Stauffer. Introducing Lumen from Laravel Generating synonymous, Heroku-style, server names with Lumen Add those to your reading list if you haven’t already checked them out.

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