Telegram Laravel Forge Bot


April 20th, 2020

Telegram Laravel Forge Bot

Ivan Torgov has created the @LaravelForgeBot for Telegram that allows you to manage your Laravel Forge servers and sites.

When I started to use Laravel Forge I found that it couldn’t send deployment notifications to Telegram. Also, I wanted to allow running deploy or view deployment log to my teammates but I didn’t want to share a password of my Laravel Forge account. So, I decided to develop this bot to solve these problems.

Here are things you can do with your server:

  • Reboot the server
  • Reboot MySQL
  • Reboot PostgreSQL
  • Reboot PHP
  • Reboot NGINX

Of course, you can view a list of your sites. There is a screenshot from the “Server” screen:

For each site, you can run the deployment script or get the latest deployment log. Here is an example of how can “Site” screen looks like:

Note that you can set sending notifications not only to you. You can set sending notifications to any chat you want. For example, using this ability only one member of your team will manage servers in his private chat with the bot, but all members will receive deployment notifications in your team chat.

You even can use this bot in a group and all members will be able to make any available operations.

The source code of this bot is on GitHub at itorgov/laravel-forge-bot.

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