Testing Artisan Commands in Laravel 5.7


August 29th, 2018

Testing Artisan Commands in Laravel 5.7

Laravel 5.7 is going to improve how you write Artisan console commands, with a new API contributed by Laravel employee Mohamed Said:

ICYMI Last week a new PR was merged into laravel 5.7 with a neat way for testing Artisan commands, check details here: https://t.co/36f9FbAhBI pic.twitter.com/pLC3sVLrJP

— Mohamed Said???? (@themsaid) August 27, 2018

You can learn more about the new console testing API is available in the Laravel 5.7 Console Tests Documentation:

* Test a console command.
* @return void
public function test_console_command()
->expectsQuestion('What is your name?', 'Taylor Otwell')
->expectsQuestion('Which language do you program in?', 'PHP')
->expectsOutput('Your name is Taylor Otwell and you program in PHP.')

Mohamed Said contributed the new testing API in laravel/framework#25270 if you are interested in the implementation details. He also introduced the new style of Testing Artisan Commands in Laravel 5.7+ on his blog, where you can find more information and an example.

Nice work Mohamed!

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