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June 30th, 2017


Tweetsnippet is a new site created by Casper Sørensen that curates tech tips and tricks that are posted on Twitter and puts them all in one place so it’s easy to browse and find them later.

I asked Casper for the back story on this site and how it came about and what follows is his answer:

I tend to browse Twitter multiple times a day, and within the last a couple of months, I noticed a trend where prominent community people would tweet out these little useful snippets for various things – CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc. I would then either like their tweet or even retweet it and then forget about it.

So I thought to myself – if there is a side project that would be meaningful to actually build, and also build in a short time-span, this would be it! So I hammered the current version out in 2-3 days during my vacation, and decided that I would upload it no matter how satisfied (or not) I would be with it :).

Then I heard the North Meets South Web Podcast (Ep. 31) with Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda and their two guests Caleb Porzio and Daniel Colbourne where they talked about how they saved these little snippets, and thought to myself: they are describing exactly the issues I had myself, so I figured I might as well share it even in its unfinished state.

The application is built on Laravel on the backend and a small bit of vanilla Javascript on the front-end. I am using the Twitter API to persist the tweets to my own database. That functionality is powered by Vue JS, which enables me to just paste in a URL and it then returns to me a nicely formatted preview of the Tweet that I can then save to my DB.

With more and more people sharing tips and tricks through social media I believe a site like Tweetsnippet would be a good one to bookmark.

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