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May 11th, 2015

Laravel Log Management

Understand.io is an online event and log management system which enables you to release immense value from log data that you already collect. You can get complete application visibility in real-time, helping you to track down error messages, application requests, customer problems, and much more.

Once implemented all exceptions and errors are automatically stored and indexed. You can also manually send in data using Laravel’s Log system:

Log::info('user.loggedin', ['email' => 'john@example.org']);

Another nice feature is it can automatically log all Eloquent events when a model is created, updated, deleted, or restored. This means that you can automatically have a full record of every model change in your application, all in real time and easily searchable.

Having all these logs available in one place is nice, but what makes Understand.io so powerful is the searching and filtering. Not only can you instantly pinpoint errors in your application, but you can use it to easily get meaningful insights into anything that is important for your application.

Understand.io has been built specifically for Laravel. You can use their composer package and be up and running in a few minutes.

Give Understand.io a try today and start gaining powerful insights into your application.

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