Understand Your Personal Finances With This Open-Source Laravel App


September 2nd, 2020

Understand Your Personal Finances With This Open-Source Laravel App

Finance by Austin Kregel is a self hosted finance app to help you get a better understanding of your personal finances, built with Laravel and VueJS:

For the last few months I’ve been working on improving my personal finance app made in Laravel and VueJS. It connects to your bank via @Plaid and supports grouping your transactions based on your own rules, and setting budgets on those groups. https://t.co/XshFAZsoRD

— austinkregel (@AustinKregel) August 26, 2020

Finance is a useful self-hosted application for managing finances and another open-source example of a real Laravel application built with VueJS. You can browse transactions, group them, set up alerts, among other things:

The app has the following main features to help you with your finances, and if you’re comfortable with Laravel, a chance to customize the app for your own needs:

  • Group transaction by a set of conditions.
  • Send alerts to Discord, Slack, Webhooks, email, Nexmo, and In-site notifications!
  • Sync older transactions
  • Graph your groups and compare numbers vs. a previous time period (a trend)
  • Add together all your transactions in a time period (a metric)
  • Can automatically sync your transactions

To link your bank’s transactions into the app, Finance incorporates account linking via Plaid. You can learn more about this app, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at austinkregel/finance.

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