NPM Package to Automate Installing the Tailwind CSS Preset


December 5th, 2019

NPM Package to Automate Installing the Tailwind CSS Preset

The use-tailwind-preset NPM package by Christopher Pitt is a tiny helper that installs the Tailwind Laravel preset.

Tired of jumping through hoops to use a @tailwindcss preset in @laravelphp? Try "npx use-tailwind-preset"…

Here's the code:

— assertchris (@assertchris) December 4, 2019

When using a Laravel preset, typically, you’d install the composer package, run the preset command, and then remove the package after that. This NPM package will do all that automatically:

  • installs laravel-frontend-presets/tailwindcss
  • runs php artisan preset tailwindcss
  • installs and builds front-end dependencies
  • removes laravel-frontend-presets/tailwindcss

It uses the laravel-frontend-presets/tailwindcss package maintained by our own Michael Dyrynda.

To get started, all you need to do is install this extension. I prefer to install it globally so that it’s always at my fingertips when I need it:

$ laravel new project
$ cd project
$ git init && git add --all
$ git commit -m"First commit"
$ npx use-tailwind-preset
Installing the Tailwind preset...
Installing NPM dependencies...

Now Tailwind CSS is ready to go in your project!

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at assertchris/use-tailwind-preset

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