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November 20th, 2020

Using Laravel Scheduled Tasks? You should be using is the fastest way for you to monitor your Laravel scheduled tasks automatically! Ship with confidence knowing that your most critical jobs are running on time, every time.

Laravel Scheduled tasks take jobs that were previously relegated to the scary CRON tab and elevates them to be fluently defined inside your Laravel app! But what happens when these jobs fail? How do you know that your critical functions are doing their work on time or running at all? Monitor the success of your scheduled tasks and catch critical errors before your customers do with

Why should I care?

Not sure if scheduled task monitoring is for you? Our very own podcast co-host Michael presented on the ins and outs of scheduled tasks in Laravel, and why error tracking will only tell you part of the story. You can check out the talk below:

How does it work?

Our goal is to provide the Laravel community with the most comprehensive list of Larvel-specific task monitoring features available. We also want the process to be as hands-free as possible! Here’s how we are making it happen.

Auto Synced Tasks watches your Console/Kernel.php to automatically sync all of your scheduled tasks, jobs, and closures every time you push code. No more manual set up of new tasks and copying hashes. No more waiting until a new task fails to start monitoring it. No more patch commits to include monitoring hooks that were missed. Ship code with confidence knowing that your new task is on lock.

Native Task Monitoring uses native Laravel Events to monitor your scheduled tasks and give you insights into them that other CRON monitoring services can’t. With native task monitoring, we can make intelligent suggestions regarding your task schedule that will ensure that tasks are run on time, every time. Things like memory usage, time to completion, overlapping jobs and collisions, multi-server setups, and more.

Insightful Dashboards

Live updates and dashboard for your application’s most critical tasks. Get global and task level insights into trends that are invisible from a purely passing or failing standpoint.

Where can I get started?

Getting started is easy. Sign up for an account at and begin monitoring within 60 seconds! Add our package to your application, run the setup command, and you’re ready to go! We’ll start monitoring – and reporting – as soon as your app tasks pings for the first time.

We look forward to helping you monitor your tasks and troubleshoot those pesky bugs that pop-up when you don’t have the visibility you need into the menagerie of tasks that all of our applications rely on.

Head on over to to get started now!

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